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Iman Habibi was in the the Diamond Lane!

Iman Habibi is an award-winning composer and pianist who joined Simeon Rusnak in the Diamond Lane! Missed it? Find it here! 

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Maestro Mickelthwate was in the Diamond Lane!

WSO Music Director Alexander Mickelthwate joined Simeon Rusnak. Watch the interview HERE! 

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Saturday On The Wide World Of Classical Music, The Mother's Day Edition

It's the Mother's Day edition this weekend, with lots of wonderful and fun music dedicated to all the mother's out there.

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Fire ban rules across southern Manitoba

Dry weather in Manitoba has caused fire bans around the province. While the bans are all slightly different, the message is the same; don't burn irresponsibly. 

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Some Mobiles Missed in Emergency Text Test

An emergency alert text message was issued in Manitoba this afternoon as a test, but not everyone who should've received it did.

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Multiple fires in Maples, arsonist suspected

A number of fires in Winnipeg's northwest corner have led crews to believe they are dealing with an arsonist. 

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Grass fire total climbs to 55 after Tuesday fires

Another five grass/brush fire incidents kept fire crews busy all day and added even more to a high yearly total. 

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Addictions-Specific Clinics Coming to Manitoba

New clinics are to open in Manitoba this summer to treat people looking for help in dealing with substance abuse issues.

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Two of Seven New Star Attractions in Winnipeg

Seven more Manitoba destinations have been named Star Attractions.

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Boating and Water Safety Top of Mind As Summer Approaches

After a boat carrying four men capsized in the Red River over the weekend - resulting in one death - Lifesaving Society Manitoba wants to remind people to be water smart this year. 

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"Never Seen Anything Like This" - WFPS on Dry Conditions

During one of the driest spells in recent Winnipeg memory, the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) is urging residents to help mitigate fire risks.

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Winnipeg Public Library Invites Applications for Writer in Residence

The Winnipeg Public Library is now accepting applications for the position of Writer in Residence.

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