Winnipeggers showed their true colours over the weekend, helping a military family reunite with their dog after it was stolen. 

On Saturday, while travelling from Ontario to Alberta, the family stopped in Winnipeg, only to have their vehicle broken into and their crated dog, along with some identification and a few personal belongings stolen. 

With no choice, but to continue on their commute, the family trusted Winnipeggers to help find and return their dog, Iris.

Winnipeggers quickly spread the word via social media, and the Winnipeg Police Service's North District Community Support Unit followed any leads hoping to find the lost dog. 

"The community's response was nothing short of extraordinary," said the Winnipeg Police Service in a press release.

Eventually, a Winnipeg resident spotted the dog and took her to Winnipeg Animal Services, who immediately contacted Winnipeg police. 

"This story is a testament to the power of community and the positive impact of social media when used for good," said the WPS. "It highlights the dedication of our police officers and the inherent kindness within our community. Your efforts made all the difference and exemplify the incredible things we can achieve when we come together."

An investigator with the WPS has volunteered to care for Iris until she can be reunited with her family. Plans are in place to meet the family in Regina as they continue their journey.