The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is officially here!  

Running from July 19th through 30th, more than 170 local, national and international artists and companies showcase a wide array of theatrical offerings.  
One such work is The Dreams of Nebuchadnezzar presented by Geraüschbiest (literally: noise beast). 

Made up of brothers Jesse and Thomas Krause, the duo – joined in performance by the denim-clad Riel Gentleman’s Choir – promise to take Fringe goers on “a musical sculpture garden as they sing and display the wonders of the ancient kingdom of Babylon, and its downfall.”  

Building (musically and literally) on a previous work presented as part of the Winnipeg New Music Festival, composer and instrument builder Jesse Krause explains the work takes inspiration from the story of King Nebuchadnezzar.  

“He was the most powerful person in the world when he was alive,” Krause explains. "He was not a great king and at some point he was punished for his misdeeds, and he loses his mind and believes he’s a cow for seven years.” 

The work could perhaps best be described as a “modern oratorio” – though it certainly has some operatic elements – with the title referencing the king's premonitions, ahead of this bovine belief.

See The Dreams of Nebuchadnezzar at Venue #4 -- the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain - Salle Pauline-Boutal Hall (340 Provencher Blvd.).

Hear more about the production and experience the otherworldly sound of the “roto octachord” in a 107 LIVE! performance and conversation with Geraüschbiest.