Manitobans will continue to enjoy summer weather even as the seasons change this afternoon.

Shannon Moodie of Environment Canada says "it will be a really nice day right across southern Manitoba. We'll see lots of sunshine, though we could get some wind gusts in the afternoon."

Highs will reach the mid-20s for the entire south of the province she says, with Winnipeg likely reaching the 25-degree mark.

The average daytime high for Winnipeg is around 16 degrees and the average low is 4 degrees. Autumn officially arrives with the fall equinox occurring at 2:20 p.m. CDT.

Despite reaching well above the average temperature Moodie says that we actually won't get close to setting any records.

"Actually, the record for today was 32.2, and that was set in 1938 so we have a long ways to go to beat that."

The warm trend will continue into Thursday with a high of 24 before a cold front brings cooler temperatures on Friday and through the weekend with highs closer to the average. 

Next week will likely bring above-average temperatures again with current forecasted highs for Monday and Tuesday at 23 and 26 respectively.