Twelve years ago today, Neal and Lori Einarson tied the knot. However, the pair will celebrate only their third official wedding anniversary. 

Although the Einarsons were married over a decade ago, the couple chose a leap day to celebrate, leading to an anniversary celebration only every four years.

"We had our first date on leap day, four years earlier, in 2008. We had a choice of a Friday or a Saturday, and I said, as a joke, that we should go out on the Friday because it's a leap day, and that would be a funny start date. And so that happened," said Neal.

Four years later, the pair decided to get married, and when it came to choosing a date, they went with Feb. 29, 2012.

"The leap day thing was coming up in a few months, so we kind of sort of rushed it, and we ended up getting married on a Wednesday, having the party on the weekend."

Lori and Neal

The wedding ceremony was small, with only family, a photographer and an officiant. 

"Because it was on a Wednesday, there weren't a lot of places to do it, so we ended up doing it at her parent's place," said Neal. "It was great."

Neal says when he brings up his wedding date in public, he gets some mixed responses. 

"All the ladies always say,' Oh, that's so romantic. That's such a cool idea,'" said Neal. "All the guys say, 'Hey, you didn't have to buy a gift, and it's only once every four years.' So, that's the ongoing joke."

This year, the leap day falls on a Thursday, and with the busyness of having a family, their plans for their 'third' wedding anniversary include their two children. 

"My wife and I are both working, and the kids have swimming, so we've booked a hotel for the family for the weekend," said Neal. "So, we're going to celebrate it, just not directly on the Thursday."