As part of their mission to bring a wide array of arts programming to Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Arts Council presents Art Matters---a series featuring artists discussing the work that do and the importance of the arts in everyday life.  

 The first guest artist is John Hodgman of The Daily Show fame.  In addition to being a well known comedian and actor, John Hodgman is an author of three books, a frequent contributor to This American Life (NPR) and Wire Tap (CBC). He was also the humour editor for the New York Times Magazine. And if you're still not sure who John Hodgman is, all we have to tell you is that he is the beloved “PC” in Mac commercials. Mr. Hodgman will appear in conversation with Classic 107's Bill Richardson tomorrow night (Mar 15) at the John Hendry Warehouse (Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre Warehouse) - 8:00 PM

Tickets are $25 which are available online via PayPal or in person at the Winnipeg Arts Council office (cash and cheques only.)

For more information and tickets, click HERE