Christmas is less than a month away, and it is time to start thinking about the holidays and what you are going to give that special someone.  One of the popular places in the city to find gifts is the Forks, and one of the truly unique shops at the Forks is the Jordan Van Sewell Gallery. It is the perfect place to find something for that person in your life that is really hard to buy for.

For those unfamiliar with Jordan Van Sewell and his Gallery….he has been a fixture on the Winnipeg Arts scene for decades and has had many works in some of the most prestigious art collections around the globe.

Jordan works in ceramics, and his sculptures have been described as whimsical, revealing and profound. His works frequently offer his own view of the world around him, often with hilarious and thoughtful commentary.


Van Sewell has been busy making sculptures in preparation for the holidays. “It’s always a joyful time. I feel a bit like a Santa’s helper…ensconced in my workshop. I have been madly making, what I think, would be delightful gifts to receive for this holiday season,” states Van Sewell.

Van Sewell is not the only one who has been working hard. His wife JoAnne Vanderhorst is also a ceramic sculpture artist and her works can also be seen and bought at the Gallery. “JoAnne has been working all of her adult life as a ceramic artist. She’s created a body of work…some elegant vessels that just defy gravity and are amazing!”

This December will be the last time that you will be able to take in the majesty and buy something at the Jordan Van Sewell Gallery. The Gallery closes on December 31st, and be only available to order online. The Gallery started as a pop up store, but four years later has managed to hold its own at the Forks. As Jordan explains, ”I’ve been an interloper there (The Forks) for four years now. What started out as a three month pop up has turned into a great stewardship where I’ve got to experience some amazing spaces within the Forks Market. The fact that I have been able to make and sell pieces out of there for the last four years…it’s really been an interesting time for me.”


Van Sewell will be selling his art from his website after December 31st.  He will continue to have a very strong web presence and you can see check out his social media as well. Jordan emphatically states, “ will remain your thumb on the pulse of whatever is coming down on the workbench. I hope that people will stay in touch with what I am continuing to do because I have a few other things to say that I’ll be making some art about.”

Check out the Jordan Van Sewell Gallery before December 31 and buy something for a loved one for Christmas. As the doors close at the Gallery with the beginning of 2023, the doors of the internet are always open and you can see Van Sewell sculpture’s anytime.