As we approach the end of the year, and thus another freezing winter, gardens all over Manitoba will start feeling adverse effects if not cared for properly.

Shea Doherty with Our Farm Greenhouses near Portage la Prairie says vegetables should be your top priority, as the frost can ruin them quickly. He says one way you could aid your garden is quite counter-intuitive, as it focuses on keeping leaves on the ground, instead of raking them during the fall.

"A lot of people in the fall time will clear a lot of those leaves often, and not keep them there for the winter," explains Doherty. "It's their blanket for the winter, and just by leaving their leaves there they develop an insulation value."

Keeping the leaves on the ground during the winter can take some of the water as the snow melts, helping the soil absorb water to start the spring season. He also mentions trying to avoid clipping roses and bushes, as you don't know how much will get killed off in the winter.

He says one way to keep your house vibrant throughout the winter months is the use of indoor plants as well. He explains how some plants can do more than just be a visual novelty in your home.

"Things like snake plants, monstera, calathea, or spider plants," notes Doherty. "Over the winter, they can take very low light spider plants, English Ivies, and snake plants actually filter the air in your house."

He adds the air in your home can become quite stagnant if you're unable to open the windows in the colder months, so these plants can actually help as a form of natural air purifiers to an extent.

He notes, if you're trying to induce plant growth, one way that's been considered taboo but actually works is playing music for your plants, specifically, classical music. He also adds you can dig up any tropical plants, but wants everyone to be careful as to not damage the roots of the plant.


Written by Carter Kennington