Four puppies are recovering after being located on the side of a highway just south of Winnipeg. 

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue was contacted on Sunday after a Good Samaritan found the emaciated, freezing and dirty puppies in a box on the side of the road. 

"The puppies were skin and bones and covered in fleas," said Manitoba Underdogs Rescue in a post on Instagram. "Their temperatures were so cold from being left out on the side of the highway that the clinic staff had to wait until they warmed up to safely allow them to eat."

Manitoba Underdogs say the Good Samaritan rushed the puppies to the Pembina Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg, which then contacted the rescue. 

"Our team was shocked when we received this intake request," said Manitoba Underdogs in a social media post.

The puppies were hospitalized overnight and are now in the care of Manitoba Underdogs. 

"This deliberate act of abandonment is difficult to comprehend. There are so many options instead of dumping helpless puppies in poor condition. We’re incredibly grateful to the amazing individual who came upon the puppies and saved their lives."

The rescue is now asking for donations to help with the rehabilitation of the puppies. Once they regain their health, the puppies will be up for adoption.