Manitobans are coming together from the streets of Broadway, both in New York and Winnipeg, to perform a musical tribute to Canada's favourite pastime.

Rainbow Stage is putting on a production of The Hockey Sweater, a Canadian musical poking fun at Toronto Maple Leafs fans that boldly premiered in Montreal four years ago. Rainbow Stage's artistic director Carson Nattrass knew it would be a fantastic production for Manitobans after seeing it in person, but it was not until last winter when he was with Winnipegger and Broadway star Jaz Sealey that they decided to do it.

"The idea popped into my head when we were skating on the river together last year," Nattrass says. "He had an entire hockey life before his theatre life."

Sealey is taking a leave from Broadway's Aladdin and coming home to Winnipeg to connect the two interests.

"We are the hockey town with a dance school on every corner. We are the home of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Winnipeg Jets. It is who we are."

Rainbow Stage will be going on a scouting tour in schools, looking for children who may want to perform in this summer's production. To do it, however, Nattrass says they need rollerblades for the scouting tour and workshop.

"We don't have ice on stage so we are going to be putting the cast on rollerblades," he says. "(It) allows kids without access to these skates, which can be very expensive. It is an opportunity to remove that barrier for kids."

In a comical plea for the skates, Nattrass enlisted the help of his sister Stacey, the professional anthem singer for the Winnipeg Jets. Placing a camera in his son's hand, the Nattrass family enjoyed the process.

He is asking people to do some early spring cleaning and donate their old rollerblades, helmets and knee pads. Nattrass says they can be dropped off at their 1215 Henderson Highway office.