Earlier today Classic 107’s own Chris Wolf stopped by Dalhousie School to read to a class of Grade five students. Dalhousie school was the first winner of the “I Love to Read” contest with McNally and Classic 107 for this month of February. This is a contest that rejoices in the fact that February is “I Love to Read Month.”

Chris and his colleague Rachel Olson stopped by Dalhousie School with a bag full of books for the students at school, and the teacher/librarian that entered the school into the contest Tamara Petkau.

In addition to dropping by with the first prize package for this month of February from McNally, Chris sat and read for the better part of an hour to a group of wonderful and captivated grade 5 students.


The book Chris chose to read was a very delightful, fanciful and imaginative book by Adam Rubin called the “Ice Cream Machine.” A book that tells six separate stories all with the same title…you guessed it “The Ice Cream Machine.”

Chris and the Grade 5th students sat and lost themselves in a futuristic world where a boy and his five limbed robot supersonically fly around the world to find the world’s tastiest treat. By the time the hour was up, students were excited to read about how the story would end. It was truly magical.


The month is almost a third over, but it is not too late to enter your class into the I Love to Read Contest with McNally Robinson Booksellers and Classic 107.

Celebrate Literacy and I Love to Read Month by going to Classic 107.com and clicking on the I love to Read button. Your class and school could be the next winners of a marvelous prize package of books put together by McNally Robinson.