A brand-new exhibit exploring the artistry and history of Ukrainian dance is set to open at the Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre.  
In partnership with the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, the immersive presentation features an exploration of the art form while also celebrating Rusalka’s illustrious 60-year history.  

“The story I wanted to tell with the exhibit was one of a Ukrainian dancer,” says curator Markian Tarasiuk, the LA-based, Winnipeg-born multidisciplinary artist, actor, and Rusalka alumnus. 

From the most basic of steps learned in church basements or halls to the dynamic athleticism of senior dancers, “The Journey Through Ukrainian Dance” takes attendees on an educational multimedia exploration of the artform. At the same time, they can learn more about Rusalka’s own rich history, which features major tours throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and Ukraine, along with performances for heads of state and royalty. 



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“Rusalka is an incredibly important Ukrainian dance institution in Winnipeg,” says Alexandra Shkandrij, Director, Curator of Exhibitions at Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre. “We are so pleased and proud to be able to partner with someone like Rusalka and to get a chance to showcase this heritage.”  

“The Journey Through Ukrainian Dance” opens free of charge Monday, June 5, and runs through September 30 at Oseredok (184 Alexander Avenue).  

For more details, visit: www.oseredok.ca