The young jazz musician now makes his home in New York City where he is studying at the Manhattan School of Music. But he's come home to celebrate his new album which was recorded right here this past summer.

Curtis has been living in New York for a couple of years now and you can hear it in his voice. He's lost a bit of that Canadian accent and gained an American drawl. "It's also from spending so much time with Steve and Derreck." he says laughing.

Steve Kirby and Derreck Miller were Curtis' music teachers at Uof M's Desautels Faculty of Music. They also play on this album---along with former teacher Jimmy Green and Will Bonness.

Right now Curtis is studying at the Manhattan School of Music. It hasn't been an easy road for Curtis. His wife is a nurse and she commutes 3 hours a day each way to get to her nursing job while Curtis goes to school and keeps his jazz career thriving.

"They keep telling us, you think it's hard now? Wait until you get out into the real world as a jazz artist! I don't know, I think I'm pretty immersed in the 'Real World'!".

What ever it is he's doing, he's creating the right balance. Dialectics is getting rave reviews. Peter Hum of the Ottawa Citizen writes, "The high-calibre, cut-to-the-chase playing and tight-knit, positive group feel make Dialectics a pleasurable, rewarding listen, one that well represents the Canadian or any other straightahead jazz scene."

Earlier this week, Curtis stopped by the Classic 107 studio to chat with Jazz After 9 host Neil Coligan.



The CD launch party for Dialectics happens at the West End Cultural Centre Friday night (March 20). Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door.