Winnipeg Police are reminding Jets fans to keep their drones on the ground ahead of the White-Out Street Party on Tuesday night as the Jets host the Colorado Avalanche in game two.

WPS observed multiple private drones being operated in the downtown area on Sunday night during White-Out Street Party Celebrations. Officers were able to locate the operators of the drones and are now investigating. As a reminder, private drone use is prohibited over crowds, and operators could face serious penalties.


"Public safety is always our highest priority. A drone's loss of control or malfunction poses a serious risk of injury to the public. Unauthorized drone use may also interfere with certified/authorized aircraft in the area, including violation of Transport Canada regulations," WPS said in a press release.

When operating a drone, pilots are reminded to read and understand the legal requirements, understand the difference between basic and advanced operations, get a drone pilot certificate, and survey the area before flying