Bright green stems with colourful petals are frozen in time as they poke out of a new display on a popular river trail.

People taking a stroll or commuting on the Assiniboine River Trail will notice a colourful display growing out of the ice. On the trail near Canora Street blooms a tall sculpture: flowers encased in ice.

"The cool thing about the flowers in the ice is they are perfectly preserved," Winnipeg artist Kal Barteski says. "Their colours are vibrant. Their petals are still open. It is like a moment frozen in time and there are little ice bubbles and little oxygen pieces."

She says the ice will change with the weather, and once it melts, the flowers will be swept away with the river.

Barteski is a well-known polar bear artist, including being responsible for SeaWalls Churchhill, an international mural collective in the polar bear capital.

"Winter is my favourite season. I think as Manitobans we are hearty and dedicated and just really hard-core people to be living in such an extreme climate and be able to do that with a little bit of joy in your heart."

The low-effort art project has beautiful, environmentally friendly results. 

For those feeling inspired, Barteski says to "get some flowers and push them into a bucket of water and throw them outside."