Progressive Conservatives are promising aid for the entertainment industry if re-elected in the upcoming election.

PC leader Heather Stefanson announced Thursday at Big Sky Studios that if they win the election this fall, they will provide a bonus to productions that use Manitoba music in their soundtracks. She says they will also invest in facilities to attract more Hollywood productions to Manitoba. 

"Film and television are more than what you see on screen. Soundtracks are also an essential part of telling a captivating story,” said Stefanson. “People around the world discover their new favourite songs on the shows they’re streaming every day. Let them discover Manitoba music.”

Stefanson said, if re-elected, the PCs will provide a 10% tax credit bonus if 50% or more of a production’s soundtrack uses Manitoba music. They will also commit $4.5 million to create world-class soundstage facilities.

“I have a vision for Manitoba’s future, with endless opportunities and good jobs to go around as we prepare for two million people,” said Stefanson. “Stimulating industries that show promise is one way that we grow our population and create those opportunities; it’s why we are fighting for Manitoba film and music.”

There were 88 film and TV productions worth $365 million made in Manitoba in 2021-22, more than double the $173 million spent by the industry in 2016-17, Stefanson said. Today, the industry employs more than 2,000 Manitobans, with salaries and production spending going right back into the Manitoba economy.