New COVID-19 cases in Winnipeg and Southern Health make up most of Friday's new COVID-19 cases.

As of Friday morning, there are 88 new COVID-19 cases. 

New cases include:

  • 30 in Southern Health Sante Sud
  • 26 in Winnipeg
  • 14 in Prairie Mountain
  • 14 in Interlake Eastern
  • four in the Northern region


Twenty-three who are fully vaccinated against the virus have contracted COVID-19. There are 53 new COVID-19 cases in Manitoba in people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19, and 12 in people who are partially vaccined.

Manitoba's five-day test rate is 2.9 per cent. There is a total of 59,612 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 629 of those cases being active. There are no new deaths, leaving the total at 1,204.



Manitoba's hospitals have 72 COVID-19 patients, with 37 of those cases being active. There are 13 intensive care patients with seven of those being active cases.

vax stat 17(Screenshot: Government of Manitoba)

Just over half of all hosptializations are peple who are unvaccined, with 30 per cent peopel who are fully vaccinated, and 14 per cent who are partically vaccined. All but one of the seven active case patients in intensive care have received a COVID-19 vaccine.