People traveling outside of Winnipeg can now get a better look at road conditions around the province.

Twenty-five new cameras have been installed along various highways, to help Manitobans see what conditions are like.

Infrastructure minister Ron Schuler says the cameras -- which now total 33 across the province -- provide still images at regular intervals for a snapshot of road conditions. Video, he says, increases the cost.

"Let's see what the uptake is on this. I mean, they do update approximately every 10 minutes, so you do get a fairly good indication of where the conditions are. In the prairies, yeah, the weather does change every 10 minutes, but, you know, usually you can look at this and if you get two shots you basically know what the conditions are going to be like," says Schuler.

He says the plan is to set up more cameras down the road.

"It really is a handy tool, and if there's going to be an uptake and we see that there's a growth in the use, we would like to see more of them going up."

The province says the cameras are in strategic locations along provincial highways. The images can be seen on Manitoba 511's website and on the Manitoba 511 app.