Manitoba's new camp reservation website is officially open.

Campers will have a week to register and get comfortable with the new site before reservations open on April 3.

“Provincial parks are treasured by Manitobans, and we want to provide a positive experience when guests book a spot at a provincial campground,” said Greg Nesbitt, natural resources and northern development minister. “We are excited to provide Manitobans with an enhanced park reservation experience to plan for enjoyment of our beautiful summers and make great camping memories.”

In previous years, while trying to book a campsite, Manitobans experienced technical issues with the website. The province hopes the launch of the new Parks Reservation Service will allow things to roll smoothly.

All users will need to create a new account starting today and are encouraged to browse the site to become familiar with the new service.

Reservations for the 2023 season will occur over six days in April. Reservations will open at 7 a.m. each day for the following campsites and facilities:

  • April 3 - All cabins, yurts and group use areas (including Hecla and Camp Morton recreation halls);
  • April 5 - Campsite reservations for all western and northern region parks, including Asessippi, Bakers Narrows, Clearwater (Campers Cove and Pioneer Bay), Duck Mountain (Blue Lakes, Childs Lake, Wellman Lake), Manipogo, Paint Lake, Rainbow Beach, Rivers, Spruce Woods (Kiche Manitou), Turtle Mountain (Adam Lake), William Lake and Wekusko Falls;
  • April 11 - Campsite reservations for Birds Hill and Winnipeg Beach;
  • April 12 - Campsite reservations for south Whiteshell, including Caddy Lake, Falcon Beach, Falcon Lakeshore and West Hawk Lake;
  • April 13 - Campsite reservations for Nopiming (Tulabi Falls main campground, Bird Lake, Black Lake, Shoe Lake, Beresford Lake) and north Whiteshell (Big Whiteshell, Brereton Lake, Nutimik Lake, Opapiskaw, Betula Lake and White Lake); and
  • April 14 - All remaining locations, including Camp Morton, Grand Beach, Hecla, Hnausa Beach, Lundar Beach, Moose Lake, St. Malo, Stephenfield and Watchorn.

Otter Falls Campground in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Tulabi Falls walk-in backcountry sites in Nopiming Provincial Park, and Birch Point Provincial Park Campground will not open for reservations, as the campgrounds are under construction for flood-related repairs this spring. Opening dates for these campgrounds are undetermined at this time.

Campers should continue to check for additional information and updates before the opening of the reservation service.