This Sunday October 1st at 6:30pm and 8:30pm, Jazz Winnipeg in collaboration with the Fort Garry Hotel will be presenting Winnipeg based trumpet player, arranger, and composer Chuck Copenace.

Fusing jazz, with contemporary interpretations of sweat lodge melodies, with some dance and electronica thrown in for good measure; Copenace has created a musical voice and style that is truly special, unique and memorable.

What makes these performances on Sunday extra special is that Copenace will be releasing his album Oshki Manitou.  Described as a decidedly personal musical expression and a gift to his family and community, this album explores the importance of how ceremonial melodies and how they have changed his musical outlook and united his creativity and spirituality.

There are two tracks on Oshki Manitou that are based on traditional indigenous ceremonial melodies that Copenace heard while attending sweat lodges. The names of the songs are “The Opening,” and “Creator.” As Copenace explains, ”When I started writing music…I found that these melodies were kind of in my consciousness and I started understanding the form and the structure. Being in the sweat lodge opened me up to the purpose of those songs…learning about the powers of songs within ceremony.”

The compositions on the album have a very ethereal feel and have wonderful warmth about them. Copenace is influenced by very atmospheric sounds, and also different drum beats. “Every song has a different pulse or groove. The way that I arranged the album is that I tried to go from songs that can be done live. It starts the tune “Creator” which can be done live and progresses, so that by the end of the album there is a straight electronic-house song. There is trumpet, guitar and saxophone over sequenced drum beats. So there is a fusion going on that slowly grows over the period of the album.” says Copenace.

The shows on Sunday at the Fort Garry will feature tracks from Oshki Manitou, but also other compositions including covers of songs by jazz greats such as Freddie Hubbard, and Wayne Shorter.

The line up on Sunday night will feature some of Winnipeg’s finest musicians. Joining Copenace on stage will be Victor Lopez on guitar, Justin Alcock on drums, Henry Onwuchekwa on bass, and Kyle Wedlake on Saxophone.

The CD release of Oshki Manitou featuring Chuck Copenace and his band is going to be something not to be missed.  The new sounds that Copenace has created with this album are unforgettable, and truly engaging. It should be a great night pout for anyone who loves great music.

The shows on Sunday night take place at 6:30 and 8:30 at the Fort Garry Hotel. For more details on tickets and venue visit the Jazz Winnipeg website.


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