Hoopers is the home of Scandinavian and mid-century modern furnishings for your home. 



Drawing from a wide range of local and international designers, manufacturers, and artisans, the ever-changing store features restored retro pieces and brand-new manufacturer collections. 

Approaching 3 decades in the furniture business, owner Warren Hooper has cultivated a distinct, curated aesthetic for the store. 

"About twenty years ago we really started to focus primarily on Scandinavian and mid-century modern designed furniture," says Hooper. 

Drawn to the clean lines and organic design, the style is often referred to as "timeless" by clients, explains Hooper. 

Starting out as a vintage reseller, Hoopers expanded the business to include modern offerings, seamlessly incorporating the styles into their showroom. 

"Once I sold that beautiful teak sideboard, I couldn't pick up the phone and order another one," says Hooper, when asked about the challenges of selling vintage product. 

"Whereas with the contemporary product, you've got a really great line with some pieces that are desirable, and you just have so much more to offer customers," he adds, pointing out the various finishes that become available. 

Visit Hoopers in person at 1400 Sargeant Avenue or peruse online at: www.shophoopers.ca