Speeding tickets are not unusual but being ticketed for speeding past the officers giving out the tickets is.

Tara Seel, the Media Relations Officer for RCMP Manitoba says doing a roadside stop is one of the most dangerous things officers do. Emergency personnel and other vehicles such as roadside assistance also face this danger.

"Emergency vehicles are out there doing their job to keep everybody safe, as are those designated vehicles mentioned previously. We are out there trying to keep everybody safe and we just ask that you do your part, Seel says.

In August, 44 tickets were given out by RCMP to people speeding past these services.

"There were 44 that got tickets, but there was more than 44 that sped past police officers pulled over on the side of the roadway."

When this happens, not only can drivers face a $298 fine, but also the possibility of seriously injuring someone.

"I think it is the panic of something out of the ordinary happening when you are already paying attention to so many things," Seel says. "If we get these things ingrained in our head it becomes a natural occurrence for us to follow these guidelines."

She is reminding drivers that by law if passing an emergency vehicle drivers must slow down to 60 km/hour if the speed limit is 80 km/hour or higher, or to 40 km/hour if the speed limit is lower than 80 km/hour.