A rural road known for its potholes, dips and swings has been voted Manitoba's worst road for the second year in a row.

Provincial Road 307, which connects Seven Sisters Falls through Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park, took the top spot once again in CAA Manitoba's Worst Roads campaign.

According to survey respondents, the main reasons for choosing the road include poor road maintenance and potholes.

“We know the campaign works. People vote in the annual CAA Worst Roads Campaign because it gives Manitobans a platform to continue putting pressure on various levels of government to understand what roads they believe are in urgent need of repair,” says Ewald Friesen, Manager Government and Community Relations, CAA Manitoba.

For the first time, the top three worst roads are outside of Winnipeg. They include 18th Street in Brandon in second place and Hwy. 34 in third.  

In Winnipeg, Goulet was voted the worst street, followed by Leila Avenue, Kenaston Boulevard, Saskatchewan Avenue and Empress Street.

The Top 10 include:

  1. Provincial Road 307
  2. 18th Street, Brandon
  3. Hwy 34
  4. Goulet Street, Winnipeg
  5. Leila Avenue, Winnipeg
  6. Kenaston Boulevard, Winnipeg
  7. Highway 75, Morris
  8. Hwy 44
  9. Saskatchewan Avenue, Winnipeg,
  10. Empress Street, Winnipeg

“We are happy to see some roads fall down the list or fall off the list as repairs are made,” says Friesen.