Spend your afternoon with a hand-picked, eclectic selection of music, and a story!

Middle of October already, and eventhough halloween has not happened yet, we are seeing Christmas decorations and displays in stores! Why do we live in the future when there are so many wonderful moments taking place right now?

Let's slow things down a bit, and just sit back and enjoy the moment and music. I have programmed one hour of the show just for those often rare moments when all you have to do is relax, listen and let the music take you away. It features a new recording by Belgian composer, pianist Myriam Alter, whose Sephardic roots have a strong influence in her music. Also in that hour the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet is up to their usual guitar wizardry, while demonstrating their compositional talents.

LAGQ: Lotus Eaters



Again, like last week, I have expanded the New Release segment of the show to 2 hours, with Yuja Wang's new Ravel CD, Andre Gagnon's own Four Seasons and more.

Yuja Wang: Ravel Trailer



And we continue to feature the wonderful stories of Kim Maerkl. In the past we played Mozart's Magical Night, Amati's Dream and Stardivari's Gift. Her newest adventure is called The Snake Charmer.

Don't miss it, tune in at 2:00pm to hear story of Shiba, a boy who plays the pungi and charms his cobra in the year 1607 in Agra, India. One day while performing at the marketplace, Empress Mumtaz Mahal hears the snake charmer and invites him to play in the palace. Shiba's success inspires jealousy in another artist and almost costs Shiba his life. The Snake Charmer weaves the music for clarinet, guitar, and tabla with the story of Shiba and the family who later built the Taj Mahal, taking the listener on a musical adventure to India.

Kim Maerkl: The Snake Charmer