It's the Halloween edition of The Wide World of Classical Music, but don't be scared!

It is Halloween, so I would be remiss if I didn't program an hour of scary Classics. Not the ususal Bach Toccata & Fugue or Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain, but I searched for some unusual suspects that will add a touch of creepy to your Saturday afternoon. Here is one example:


Bartok: Music for Strings Percussion & Celesta: 



Since Halloween is not just about fright and fear, but about the amazing costumes that show up at your door or at the party, I am featuring an hour of operetta and opera. The costumes that are worn in those performances play a big part in the show, and sometimes they even steal the show they are so over-the-top!


Mozart's Magic Flute: Costumes by Zandra Rhodes



I will also be spreading some happiness in the afternoon with "joyful" music - music to do with joy.  


Chabrier: Marche Joyeuse:



Lots more including the music featured next week with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (Schumann & Shostakovich), and some time dedicated to MahlerFest with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra