Dr. Catherine Wilson is a distinguished, genre-diverse concert pianist and recording artist. As the founder and artistic director of the Ensemble Vivant, she and the group have recorded 14 albums over an impressive 3 decades performing together. She’s also a passionate musical pundit. 

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Wilson has focused her efforts on the life-changing powers of music, through Euterpe. Named for the Greek muse of music, the non-profit charity exposes children and other underserved populations to high calibre performances of classical, jazz and related styles. This organization puts to practice her doctoral research, titled Music and Healing.

“There’s something about music that’s magical,” says Dr. Wilson. “Beautiful music beautifully played has all kinds of physiological reactions within us.” 

Dating back to the Ancient Greeks, the benefits of listening to music for our health and well-being have been known for millennia; wisdom which has been corroborated by the research of modern day cognitive neuroscientists. 

In the full conversation with Dr. Catherine Wilson below, hear more about the organization Euterpe: music is the key; a new cross-country online music education initiative; virtual recordings as a substitue for live performances; and, more on why music can help with coping, mental health and well-being.