Hip hop dance meets classical music at the Centennial Concert Hall this weekend when the FLY Dance Company swoops in from Houston, Texas to join the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in their next show.  

“What we’re trying to do with this performance is bridge the gap,” says FLY Dance Company’s Executive Director Jorge Casco of the seemingly disparate genres.  



It comes down to finding commonality in performance while respecting each cultural form, he says.  

“How do we take raw movement? How do we take this amazing, classical symphonic music and blend both without disturbing each other?”   

Each has their own, unique captivating power that can be used to motivate not only the dancers and musicians but the audience as well. 

“This (dance) movement is exciting, it draws you in – just like those strings and those amazing instruments,” explains Casco. “It’s something to be seen.”  

Founded by Kathy Wood – a public school dance and art teacher – in 1992, FLY has brought their signature, self-described “theatrical hip hop” performances to audiences across the globe through performances, community outreach, dance workshops, residencies, and more. 

“We’re very passionate about spreading the message of love, peace and unity,” says Casco, “And what better way than to bring these two different worlds, together.” 

FLY has found a universal appeal that can, according to Casco, be distilled down to just two factors. 

“It’s just movement and music,” he says.  

See youthful energy, risk-taking movement and clever choreography combined with a surprising mix of classical music selections from composers like Stravinsky, Debussy, Vivaldi and more at the Centennial Concert Hall this weekend, when FLY Dance Company joins the WSO, conducted by Gordon Gerrard. 

Two performances: Saturday, February 11 at 7:30 p.m. with a matinee Sunday at 2.  

Visit: www.wso.ca for tickets and more details.