Over the past month, thousands of inquiries have poured into the province's database regarding vaccine card issues.

People with a Manitoba Health card can get a COVID-19 vaccine card, but since the program rolled out many have been frustrated trying to get one. Between input issues and card delays, the province has been backlogged with concerns that they are currently working through.

"Our work continues to address the corrections and we are making good progress every day. We are escalating those that have taken longer to resolve," the province's vaccine task force's operations lead Johanu Botha says Wednesday.

Newcomers with health cards have reported not being able to get their vaccine QR codes and not hearing back after sending email requests or being given an incorrect phone number to call for help. Now, there is a web form.

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Botha suspects many of the emails they have been receiving are duplicates or general inquiries. The lack of immunization proof and wait between emails back has left many people frustrated, especially for those who do not have a Manitoba Health card.

"Work is underway to ensure people who were immunized in Manitoba but do not have a Manitoba health card can register for one. Updated information will be provided once available," a spokesperson from the province says.

Part of the issue, according to the province and Botha, could be how a name is inputted. Botha says eight thousand card requests come from differences between people's last names on records.

"This, for example, might happen when someone gets married and if they did change their last name after they were married it might not line up to their name on their card and this could pop up as a records correction delay."

Another issue is hyphenated last names.

The spokesperson says "people must enter their name and date of birth exactly as it appears on their health card."

If requesting a physical card, the mailing address associated with the health card needs to be correct