Missed Neil Coligan's interview with Martha and Jeff in studio talking about their Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra Concert on Sunday - "All My Tomorrows: The Music of Sammy Cahn"? Watch the video here!

Martha Brooks returns to the WJO stage this weekend with some of her most personal works; songs that both celebrate the lyrical talent of Sammy Cahn while commemorating Brooks' great love for her late husband. The show is based on the album Martha recorded with Winnipeg pianist, trombonist, arranger and composer Jeff Presslaff.

And whether you're going to the concert or listening to the album, to listen to Martha share her story about how this all came to be, adds some really wonderful layers to what you're listening to.





As a bonus, Brooks will be joined in song by two of Winnipeg's finest vocal jazz ensembles. River East Collegiate Vocalease directed by Nicole Ens will perform at the 2:00pm show and Garden City Groove directed by Stacey Natrass Brown will take the stage at the 7:30pm performance.

For tickets to Sunday's show go HERE.