An arctic wind from the north will be bringing frigid temperatures to Southern Manitoba over a 24 hour period. 

"Tonight our low for Winnipeg is -25 and normal for this time of year is -13," says Robin Dyck, a meteorologist from Environment Canada. 

With the windchill, Winnipeg and the surrounding area could feel more like -31 degrees Celsius overnight. According to the experts, that windchill brings with it a risk of frostbite. 

"Where we are located we often do have a bit of a battle between winds and air masses that come from the north and the west. Right now we happen to be in a pattern that happens to be a ridge of high pressure coming from the arctic."

Early Thursday morning the windchill is said to be as low as -33 degrees, but it will slowly warm up throughout the day to a high of -13. 

"It is a quick-moving air mass, that ridge of high pressure will swing through us overnight and then we're back into a westerly push into normal temperatures after that."