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Almost two Rosalie is the winner of a $50 gift certificate from Toad Hall Toys. Her mom Courtney nominated Rosalie. Read her touching entry here!

Here is the entry we received from Courtney, Rosalie's mom:

In the car on the way home from daycare, we frequently listen to Classic 107 as my daughter Rosalie (almost 2) really enjoys the programming and different types of music. We were enjoying a symphonic movement that was playing at the time. The dynamics softened from a forte to a piano quite suddenly and she immediately piped up to say "Mama, where music? More music please!" It was so sweet and funny to hear (and see) her love of classical music so passionately displayed at such a young age.

- Courtney D.

RosalieMomCourtney1Courtney with our Classic Kid of the Month Rosalie and her doll Anabelle. Rosalie was a little shy but keen to know where all the music was coming from!Little Rosalie wins a $50 gift certificate to Toad Hall Toys where mom says she'll get to pick out something for herself and for her little sister---soon to be debuting on the world stage!

Congratulations Rosalie on being our Classic Kid of the Month AND on your upcoming role as BIG SISTER! That's awesome! We sincerely hope you keep that love of music in your heart and maybe you can introduce your little sister to great music as well!

Do YOU have a special kid in your life you think would make a great Classic kid of the Month? It could be your own child or a child you know that you think is deserving. Tell us why and they could win a $50 gift certificate to Toad Hall Toys!  What are you waiting for!

Enter them HERE and maybe your entry will get drawn by Michael on the last Tuesday of each month!