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A large hard drive containing a good chunk of memories and history for a local not-for-profit organization has been stolen. 

Art City is pleading with the public to keep an eye out for its backup drive, which contains photos of their program dating back 15 years. 

"That is really the base of our history," Art City office administrator Francesca Carella said. "Most participants come back after a while and want to see photos of themselves when they were kids participating in our programs. We even had a mom come here and ask for photos of her kids because she didn't have any, and we were able to retrieve those from our archives." 

"It also contains photos from every single workshop with every artist that has visited us, so it's really invaluable to us." 

art city hard driveArt City shared this photo of what the hard drive looks like on their Facebook page

Carella says the theft took place around midnight between Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Staff members notified the Winnipeg Police Service, which put out a call to local pawn shops to keep an eye out for anyone trying to sell it.

"It was a sinking feeling, because it's never fun to find out we've been intruded in this way," she said. "The staff found out in the middle of celebrating the holidays, so it definitely hit hard."

"It was strategic. They knew we weren't going to be around." 

Carella says the rest of the items that were stolen can all be recovered because they were insured, but the hard drive is not. They have put up a cash reward for anyone who returns the drive, no questions asked. 

"We just want this person to please return it, because it contains the history of our organization and is of more value to us then it is to you," Carella said. "So please consider bringing it back."