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The Bear Clan Patrol’s future is unknown due to a lack of funding, but they're hoping that Manitobans will band together to help them out. 

James Favel is the executive director of the community patrol. He said that grant money that they’ve relied upon in the past has been discontinued. With no success in core funding. He says that 2019 is filled with uncertainty for the group as a result.

Favel said they have expenses such as personnel and administrative costs right now and he's afraid the money won’t be there. “Because of inadequate funding, we’ve lost one of our best volunteers," Favel said.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created to help with salaries and administrative costs. Without funding, the patrols will continue but some of the programming that the organization is doing won’t be able to continue.

Funds needed are to keep track of the 1400 volunteers, paperwork, as well as personnel for when the grant requests need to be written.

Currently in limbo between two locations the Bear Clan Patrol’s home is a 40 ft shipping container. They've been in there since October 21 and there is no date as to when the move will take place in the new location.