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The executive director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra isn't sure what impact budget cuts to arts and culture will have, but she is disappointed by it.


Manitoba's sports, culture, and heritage sector is seeing a 4.5 per cent decrease in expenditure, announced in the budget unveiled by the government yesterday.

Trudy Schroeder says the really troubling thing is this cut comes after years of no increases.



Schroeder says it's more important than ever for people to step up and support the arts.

Manitoba Arts Council CEO Akoulina Connell also says she's disappointed to see the cuts.

The Manitoba Arts Council itself is facing a $195,000 cut.

Yesterday's budget also offers more than $700,000 less in cultural grants offered by the province this year, and $183,000 less in the arts branch's grant assistance program. The arts branch is also down $283,000 in its film and sound development program.

Connell points out the government is still doing its arts and culture policy review, and she's not sure yet how things will play out.



Connell is encouraging the arts and culture sector to work together and collaborate to find solutions for the short- and long-term.