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Six-year-old Meredith was nominated by her school bus driver and his entry was drawn for this month's Classic Kid of the Month with Toad Hall Toys. Meredith wins a $50 gift certificate to the Winnipeg toy store to spend on what she pleases! Read John's fantastic entry below!

Here is John Tisdale's entry into our Classic Kid of the Month draw with Toad Hall Toys.

I drive school bus for the DSFM. Meredith is in grade 1 and rides on my bus. I have a bunch of great kids on the bus, but she tops the list. Always cheerful, ready to help.
Last spring, there was some waterline work going on in front of her home, and she felt compelled to instruct the backhoe operator to keep the street open so the school bus could get through. The poor guy was almost in tears ( of laughter ) by the time the bus arrived.
Also last year, one of my kindergarten boys was quietly crying - his older brother wouldn't sit with him. Meredith to the rescue. she agreed to sit with him for the ride to school, calmed him, and made the problem evaporate.
She is just a pure, sweet kid, a credit to her family, and a joy to have on the bus. I hope you will give her strong consideration for your "Classic Kid of the Month".

Congratulations Meredith! Keep being the cheerful, helpful and kind kid you are! And a BIG thank you to John Tisdale for taking the time to nominate this wonderful little girl!

ClassicKidMeredithHSDecember's Classic Kid of the Month Meredith! Meredith and her mom Kelley stopped by the Classic 107 studio to pick up her $50 gift certificate from Toad Hall Toys. We gave her a tour of the station and she got to meet Diamond Lane host Sarah Jo Kirsch!


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