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ANDRE LAPLANTE--PIANO - Seeds: Violin, Piano, Cello

Nocturne No. 1 In F Major

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Tune in every day at 1PM on Intermezzo this week when host Chris Wolf will feature a different symphony featuring wind ensembles. Find out more here.

Many nervous students and band teachers will be arriving at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg this week for Winnipeg's Classic 107 Concert & Jazz Band Festival. (Formerly known as the Optimist International Band Festival)

If in the last 43 years, you were a concert band or jazz band student in Manitoba, chances are you went through those nervous minutes getting ready to step foot on the stage of the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Everyone dressed up in their band attire, cumberbunds, bow ties and instrument at the ready. A row of adjudicators sitting at their tables ready to mark those two pieces your band had been working on since before Christmas! Everyone attentively watching the band teacher who would give you that great big smile and final nod of silent assurance that you guys would do great! 

The festival is the largest provincial school concert & jazz festival in Canada. On average more than 8000 musicians and over 230 bands participate.

This week in honour of this band student rite of passage, Intermezzo host Chris Wolf is sharing some of his favourite wind ensemble works from composers like Johan de Meij, Vittorio Gianninni, John Corigliano, Nikolai Myaskovsky and a newly discovered Russian composer for Chris, Boris Kozhevnikov.

Tune in every day at one o'clock for a different work, along with other great wind ensemble pieces!