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In the midst of all this heat, a rodeo's been going on in Richer, Manitoba.

Though the heat is a cause for concern at the Richer Rough Stock Rodeo, they had prepared to keep the riders and the animals cool this weekend.

Norm Sterzer is a general contractor and stock supplier for the rodeo. He says the work put in by the committee goes a long way to keeping everyone safe and cool. "Heat affects the animals the same as it affects people. This committee here has been terrific, they've set up misting hoses all around the pens, so we're going to be able to run those hoses during the heat of the day and the animals can cool down."

Robert Paige, president of Extreme Sports Medics, has been tasked with keeping tabs on the well-being of the riders.

"Basically, just look at their eyes and you can tell pretty quick. Their skin colour gets a little paler and they'll stop drinking water. We always want to see them drinking water which is kind of tough cause they can get nervous riding so you have to pay real close attention to their demeanor and any change in that, so we get to know the cowboys pretty close," says Paige.

Paige says he has been around quite a few rodeos in his day but these are the hottest conditions he has ever seen.

17-year-old Kieran McDougall, a junior bull rider, says he knows the heat is just something he and the others will have to deal with. He says the thing you always have to remember is "drink lots of water." He added, "our hats do help a bit, keep us in the shade, but most of the time we're in our tents or campers, sitting in the shade."

The rodeo wraps up today. A heat warning remains over southern Manitoba, with a forecast high of 38 for Winnipeg.