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It's The Wide World of Classical Music, brought to you by Cruise World. What's in store for this weekend's show? How about some ballet, brass, operetta and beyond! The show sets sail at noon, so make sure you are on board.

I used to live in Vancouver, spent 8 wonderful years in the beautiful city surrounded by montains and sea. I will never forget how, in February, the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees decorated the streets with their spectacular flowers and almost overpowering fragrance. Spring usually comes early on the West Coast. However, this year they have been hit by several snowstorms, colder weather, and it is us here in Winnipeg who have been celebrating mild February temperatures. Now, we don't have cherry blossoms or even tulips yet pretending it is Spring, but with this warm weather I have been in a particularly hopeful mood. (This despite all the news from south of the border). Politics aside, I mention all this because the show has a fairly upbeat tempo.

Check out these samples to get in the mood:










I will feature some ballet music; Canadian composers; and take you down to Cleveland and to visit the Royal Concertgebauw to see what they have happening this weekend. So, lots to take in and enjoy on this edition of The Wide World of Classical Music, brought to you by Cruise World.