Classic 107 - Winnipeg's classical and jazz radio station.

Get ready to Spring ahead! Sunday we move our clocks forward and lose an hour, but in the meantime tune into The Wide World of Classical Music Saturday noon - 6:00pm. Host Michael Wolch will try to make you forget about the dreaded day with some great music.

Ah yes, Daylight Savings, the crazy, invented time change that takes place in some parts of the world. Just when the sun is starting to rise at a reasonable hour, we hold off sunrise until an hour later. Or, if you look at the glass half full, the sun sets an hour later! Either way we have to retrain our bodies to get up an hour earlier, and for those of us that already get up very early (4:30am), it can be quite challenging to get up earlier. But, such is life in our time-obsessed, controlled society. 

Rant rant rave rave, blah blah blah, back to the music for this weekend.

We will have four hours of friendly competition between orchestras based in the same city: Winnipeg, Stockholm, Copenhagen and London. Is there room enough for both in each city? I think so.

Then we will take to the dance floor for some music by Richard Rodgers, Carl Maria Von Weber, Dr. John, Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music fame) and more fun dance music.

And finally the show will wrap with some of my faves, including Alain Lefevre, Valerie Milot, Gianmaria Testa, Rene Marie and others.






and let's boogie with Dr. John!



So, tune into The Wide World of Classical Music, every Saturday noon - 6:00pm, brought to you by Bonaventure Travel.