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Concerts around North America; music for Royalty and regular folk and more! Join me from noon-6:00pm on The Wide World of Classical Music.


After a busy Holiday season and then a couple of quiet weeks on the concert scene, live music is back, so we will visit Concert Halls around North America to see what is happening. From the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra to Chicago and Detroit, orchestras are back in full swing!



Many works were also written for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses, so I have chosen a few from the large canon of classical music dedicated to Royalty:



Equally compelling for composers is the music of us regular folks. Folk music has influenced classical composers over the years and composers have taken many different approaches to incorporating folk music material into their compositions. From dances and songs to stories and traditional melodies, we will have a fun look at some folk music:



Tune in from noon-6:00 for The Wide World of Classical Music, sponsored by Cruise World.