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Ludwig van Beethoven’s compositional career can be divided into three periods: Early, Middle and Late. Over the next three weeks, host Chris Wolf will share music from each of the three periods in the 1 o’clock hour of Intermezzo. 

 The early period of Beethoven is marked by his efforts to master the classical language established by the composers before him. Upon moving to Vienna in 1792, he studied with Joseph Haydn and Johann Albrechstberger, while being influenced by the writings of Wolfgang Mozart and Muzio Clementi. In his formative years, one can find a solidification of existing forms and conventions (i.e. chamber works), with moments of experimentation and freedom (i.e. piano sonatas). 

We begin the week with, what is considered to be, one of the finest early piano sonatas: opus 2, number 3 – dedicated to Joseph Haydn. 


Keep tuning in to the 1 o’clock hour for more works from the Early Period!