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Six university students at the University of Manitoba are sleeping outside for the week to raise awareness and money for homelessness in Winnipeg.

For the tenth consecutive year, students at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba will be participating in the national 5 Days for the Homeless campaign. The campaign involves raising money and awareness for youth homelessness.

It also includes a number of students sleeping outside for five nights. This year, six students will be sleeping outside at the U of M's Fort Garry campus.

"They don't have any money, wallets, ID's, nothing," explained Megan Parsons, student coordinator for the event. "They got to build a shelter and whatever is donated to them they're allowed to use."

The sleepers will not be allowed inside except for their regular classes, and they cannot shower until the five days are up. Money raised by the campaign goes to Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY).

"I'm so excited for it," said sleeper Quinn Desrochers. "I think we can really make a big difference."

Desrochers said that staying dry will be their biggest problem, as the forecast shows a number of mild days this week. The campaign will finish on Friday, March 16.