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Bruno Weil: Tafelmusik - Haydn: Symphonies #88, 89 and 90

Haydn: Symphony #90 In C, H 1/90 - 3. Menuet: Allegretto

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Pianists Seanne Jacob Buenafe & Fan-En Chiang, and cellist Polina Bogomol each performed one piece of music on Classic 107 LIVE! They were all winners at this year's Manitoba Registered Music Teachers' Associaiton Scholarship Competition.



The Music Scholarship Series was inaugurated in 1948 through the Winnipeg Branch of the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ Association. For over sixty years the competition has provided performance opportunities for developing musicians, constructive adjudication from esteemed music professionals and financial awards.

Four scholarships may be awarded annually:
• One Advanced Scholarship of $600 for students at the ARCT or Undergraduate level of study.
• One Senior Scholarship of $500 for students at the Grade 9 or 10 level of study.
• One Intermediate Scholarship of $400 for students at the Grade 7 or 8 level of study.
• One Junior Scholarship of $300 for students at the Grade 5 or 6 level of study.

Seanne won the Senior Piano Prize

Fan-En won Advanced Piano Prize & will represent Manitoba at the National competition

Polina won the Junior Instrumental Prize (cello)


Watch their performances and interviews below: