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A disabled Winnipeg man is asking for the return of a specialized tricycle that allows him to move around his neighbourhood and exercise. 

According to the Winnipeg Police Service, the tricycle was stolen from Sukhjit Johal's residence in Amber trails during the night of July 20, 2017. 

Johal says he was on his tricycle the day before and when his wife woke up the next day she noticed the garage door was open and it was gone, along with his son's bike. 

"The bike is made specially for my disability, it's for upper-body and abdominal exercises," said Johal. "It's freedom for me and it's happiness and I'm missing my health and my freedom for sure." 

Johal says he used the bike to travel around the neighbourhood and accompany his wife and kids on walks. He would also take it to the soccer grounds.

"I'm not able to do any of that because I'm only in my wheelchair," Johal said. "It was painful, terrible, and I was so sad and just thinking about what I was going to do." 

Johal has polio and says when tricycles like this are customized they make them specifically to accommodate people's body weight, arm length, leg length and the type of disability the person has. 

He's disappointed and had a message for the suspects who may have taken it. 

"If you took this bike, I'm not sure why you would, but it's no use to anybody except me," he said. "It's my happiness and health you've stolen and I encourage everybody out there - if you see it - to contact police immediately so I can get it back possibly." 

Constable Rob Carver says this is a unfortunate crime. 

"I'm guessing the thieves here have no idea what they've stolen and now they realize they have something that no one else can use," said Carver. "If it were dropped off here we'd take it anonymously but this is the type of crime that is senseless and has a huge impact on the victim and his family." 




The bike is described as black and police say it may still have an orange flag on it. Johal says it cost $3,000. 

Anyone who may have knowledge of the possible whereabouts of this tricycle to contact the WPS at 204-986-6219 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).