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She may only be eight-years-old, but she has a grown-up heart that she shares with Siloam Mission and for Winnipeg's homeless.


Willow Lakusta got to skip some school because she was too busy making a large donation to Siloam.

After selling her magnets on Facebook and at her mom's work, along with hot chocolate ornaments and a raffle draw, Willow brought almost $2,800 to Siloam Mission on January 10. She also brought 22 bags and 6 boxes full to clothing to keep homeless warm during winter.

"I think it's a good thing to do," said Donna Lakusta, Willow's mother. "She's taught us a lot, even in our own family, to give more and help out where we can."

This desire to help started a number of months ago when Willow saw some homeless people on the streets of Vancouver. She came back with a desire to help and, with the help of her family, has been making a difference.

"It's nice to help the homeless," Willow smiled.

Willow made her first donation to Siloam Mission in August 2017, when she brought $173. In total, Willow has donated $3,742 to Siloam Mission. 

Will the Lakusta family stop making these donations anytime soon?

"[We'll stop] when she wants to stop," Donna laughed.

Staff at Siloam Mission said all donations are great, but seeing the enthusiasm of someone this young is special.