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Winnipeg Company Pioneers in Virtual Reality

Winnipeg tech company The Campfire Union is working to become a pioneer in the emerging field of virtual reality.

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Beethoven Symphonies Week Continues on Intermezzo with Chris Wolf

Today it's all about Beethoven's third at 1:00 PM on Classic 107.

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A New Segment Will Launch on Intermezzo this Week Highlighting a Particular Composer, Artist or Work

Tune in at 1:00 PM with host Chris Wolf as he takes us on a journey each day through Beethoven's most groundbreaking symphonies.

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Classic 107's Sarah Jo Kirsch Introduces Us to Polycoro

Polycoro is the newest member of Manitoba's choral community. They will make their debut Wednesday (May 20) with a concert called Musica Secreta.

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Winnipeg Artists Lead Expedition to Iceland

A group of Winnipeg artists are headed to Iceland this summer for a "cultural expedition."

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