Manitoba has always reached above-freezing temperatures at least once in the month of March, however, this year is a little different and more memorable.

Many Manitobans are wondering when spring temperatures will finally start to show, and the answer is: not for a while yet.

Natalie Hasell from Environment Canada says that this is one of the coldest months of March Manitoba has seen in a while, with an average temperature of 10.8 degrees Celcius.

"The last time we saw conditions this cold was about 10 years ago," says Hasell.

Manitoba won't start to see warmer temperatures until approximately the second week of April. But even then, Hasell says temperatures won't meet the seasonal average.

"There's another statistic that has been floating around that we haven't had a March where temperatures did not get above zero since 1899, and coincidentally, 1899 is the coldest March we have on record."

It has been 184 years since Manitoba has seen a March that didn't reach above-freezing temperatures throughout the entire month, that is until this year.

The Weather Network confirmed the achievement of this milestone on March 24 in an article on its website.

"The afternoon warmth was the missing piece this month. A persistent ridge over the Rockies allowed a steady northerly flow for Manitoba, preventing the thermometer from surpassing the freezing mark for the entire month," reads the article.

This marks 2023 to be the second year in history to not see temperatures above the freezing mark in the month of March.

"As we get closer to these seasonal values, there is a freeze-thaw cycle at this time of the year. Sidewalks, parking lots, roads and all those could be quite difficult to deal with as we get closer to seasonal values," warns Hasell.

Even though Manitoba has managed to avoid near-record-breaking temperatures and extreme snowfall, an eye should be kept on conditions caused by the thaw-freeze cycle and the looming dread of flooding this year.