Warm wishes have been rolling in for McNally Robinson as they turn a new page on another year.

Generations of Winnipeggers have been giving books from McNally Robinson to loved ones on birthdays, but this year, it is the bookstore that is celebrating.

"I know it is hard to believe, it certainly is for me, but McNally Robinson has been around for forty years this year," co-owner Chris Hall says in an earlier interview. "And not only that that, but the store at Grant Park opening 25 years ago as of October 15."

Reflecting on the opening of the Grant Park location, Hall says he was caught blind-sighted at the milestone.

Congratulations have been rolling in, not only from Winnipeggers but from authors as well.

Fifty-two-year-old author and musician Alan Doyle jokes, saying he is roughly the same age as the store.

"Congratulations on the great gems not only in the literary world but in the entire country. I just always loved my visits there. What a lovely group of people and a great community all about books and songs and stories," Doyle says in a video.

Heather O'Neill, author and poet, says the store does a great job of engaging people with literature. David Robertson says McNally Robinson is "the best bookstore in the world."