Celebrating 100 years of Manitoba Women's Right to Vote. This Sunday, local playwright and director Sharon Bajer brings audiences "Let Them Howl!"

2016 will mark the 100th anniversary of the momentous occasion when Manitoba women were the first in Canada and the British Commonwealth to be awarded the right to vote. In honour of this event, the Nellie McClung Foundation is hosting a number of events, including a great theatre event this Sunday (Oct 18) called Let Them Howl, a play by local playwright Sharon Bajer.

The play is a re-telling and re-enactment of the famous 'mock-parliament' play that featured Nellie McClung and her peers in the Political Equality League. The curtain rises on a key event in our nation's history that set the stage for political victory, and ultimately gained Manitoban women the right to vote!

Let Them Howl will showcase the talent and comedic skills of 35 of Manitoba's best-loved leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs and notables.

Sharon was Michael's guest Tuesday morning on Classic 107's Morning Light.



Let Them Howl is presented by The Nellie McClung Foundation in partnership with the Prairie Theatre Exchange.

Tickets are $60 Adults / $20 Students and you can get them by calling 204.942.5483

Showtime is 2:00 PM at Prairie Theatre Exchange